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咲-Saki- アニメスペシャルサイト


The Man they Called
"Great Master of Mahjong"...

Conceived by Saifu Umei,
Manga by Hoshino Yasushi

Tetsuya No. 1
Tetsuya, No. 1, $5.00.

Select the volume number of your choice:

Volume 1: The story is set in Japan at the end of World War II. Tetsuya is a 15 year old pupil who has been mobilized to work in munitions. He is inspired by an old man during a game of mahjong:

Tetsuya: "If I don't go 'Chi' and 'Pon' I won't be able to finish."

Old Man: "That doesn't matter. If you just toddle along with little skill you will run out of luck. You just bring misfortune on your own head."

Tetsuya: "What's that? I've got no idea what you're talking about."

Old Man: "You will, in good time... - RON!"

The game is broken up by an air-raid that destroys the factory. Tetsuya is left amid the ruins of war and the chaos of surrender without a yen in his pocket. But, armed with the old man's precious advice Tetsuya drifts into the underworld where he faces down brutal foes, discovers his luck and pursues his destiny at the mahjong table...

In Volume 2 Tetsuya learns some of the tricks that he will need to survive and thrive plyaing mahjong in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War...

Fumble this and you are dead!!
(from Tetsuya Vol. 2.)

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