Japanese "Take" Mahjong Set

Japanese TAKE Mahjong Set
Japanese Take Mahjong Set includes a random "Black Tile" keyring.

Japanese TAKE Mahjong Tiles
The Take set tiles. The Japanese numbers on the Character tiles are dynamically cursive. Click the photo to enlarge.

Japanese TAKE Mahjong Tiles
The "Summer" Season tile and the "Embedded Jewel" Red Five of Coins.

Japanese TAKE Mahjong Tiles
Left: A standard Japanese tile. Centre: A high quality tile from the Mahjong Museum exclusive set. Right: a tile from the Take MJ set. Note the brightness of the face and the squarer design and slightly larger dimensions. The tiles in the "wall" are also from the Take set. The relative flatness of the backs means they nestle together and form stable walls.


This is a feature-packed Japanese mahjong set.

The tiles are bright and easy to handle; they have been designed with slightly flatter backs for improved stability in the walls!

The set comes with a "professional player recommendation" because the tiles are slightly larger than average and the faces are bright and easy to read.

The set is made to Japanese specifications, with NO ARABIC NUMERALS!

The tiles measure 1 inch X 3/4 inch X 5/8 inch.

The set includes 144 tiles and features:

  • 4 Season Tiles
  • 4 "Red 5" Bonus Tiles ("embedded jewels" in the 5-Coins)
  • 1 Table Wind Tessera
  • 7 Dice
  • Scoring Tallies and Counters
  • Storage Trays
  • Carrying Case
  • Illustrated guide to hands and scores
  • Novelty "Black Tile" Keyring included!**

Japanese Take Mahjong Set
(Plus S&H)

**NOTE: The character on the keyring varies from set to set. It is pot luck as to which character you receive. This set is offered on my site on the strength of the quality of the tiles, not on the basis of the keyring.

Shipping Details

This mahjong set will be shipped from Japan by EMS (Express Mail Service). EMS is the fastest and safest mailing service offered by the Japanese Post Office. Items shipped by EMS go by air and are given priority over all other mail. EMS items can also be tracked via the tracking number that is assigned to the item.

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